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earning wave

converting elliottwaves into profits



Suryadev Bandari


SEBI Registered

Research Analyst


My Vision:

I strongly believe that the Elliott Wave Principle gives me the EDGE to forecast probable ensuing market path more successfully.
At times, its accuracy in identifying and even anticipating changes in market direction is almost unbelievable.

With Optimum blend of Candlestick chart patterns & other technical tools with The Elliott Wave Principle generates most probable,high profit trade entry and exit strategies.

My Motto:

Providing Accurate high probable trade recommendations which gives Maximum possible profits with minimum risk.

Come Join with me to stay one step ahead of others and to take informed trade decision with more confidence.

Advantages of The Elliott Wave Principle and Candlestick patterns

Candlesticks reflects emotions of traders to understand market behavior which may differ from fundamental events and news. Candlesticks provides basis for understand current market scenario. When we blend candlesticks with Elliott wave principle, we will get astonishing most accurate trade setups.

Elliottwave Principle identifies TREND, counter trend and determines MATURITY of a trend.

Provides High probability price targets and technical stoploss level where trader need to exit from positions.

Combination of The Elliottwave Principle and Candlestick chart pattern gives us edge.
One step ahead of others. Helps us to take informed trade decision with confidence.

"Learning is Like Rowing Upstream; Not to Advance is to Fall Back"