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converting elliottwaves into profits


Trade recommendations based on"The ELLIOTT WAVE PRINCIPLE" from SEBI Registered Research Analyst.

According to Ralph Nelson Elliott, market progress ultimately takes the form of five waves of a specific structure. At any time, the market may be identified as being somewhere in the basic five wave pattern at the largest degree of trend. Hence, We believe that by recognizing current wave pattern and anticipating next wave, we can convert elliottwaves into profits with minimum amount of risk.

"Market's progression unfolds in Waves."

R N Elliott

By recognizing current wave pattern and anticipating next wave, we can convert waves into profits.

Nifty update 17-August-2017

Nifty cmp 9910.by looking at latest price pattern, alternatively, wave 1 completed at 9685 and bounce from there to 9924 is treating as wave 2. As per this view, Wave 3 to begin from here and take nifty lower than 9540 levels soon. 9988 spot level is acts as stoploss or point of invalidation.


Bulls support at 9540-9523.

Nifty update 16-August-2017

Nifty cmp 9873.Wave 'iv' retraced almost 50% of wave iii. 50% retracement at 9886.

wave iv formed as a-b-c zigzag pattern, according to this, Wave V about to begin towards 9540-9523.

Bulls support at 9540-9523.

Nifty update 15-August-2017

Wave 'iv' in progress. Nifty to move range bound between 9840-9685 for couple of days.

wave 'a' almost completed on Friday, Wave 'b' down to 9700-9685 and wave 'c' are due as wave iv.
Wave 'v' to take nifty to 9540 level.

Bulls support at 9540-9523.

Nifty update for 14-August-2017

Nifty next downside levels to watch 9648-9540.

Nifty likely to test 9648/9540 level before seeing any bounce. Wave iii-in-progress.

Bulls support at 9540-9523.


Nifty update for 11-August-2017

Nifty achieved all my targets right from 10100 to 9775. Whats next in store??

Major wave has turned down. Wave iii-in-progress.

Nifty heading towards 9712-9702.


Update: 10-08-2017
Nifty cmp 9853. Nifty achieved my targets 9950-9935 zone and broke down that level.Major trend has changed to Downward.
As mentioned in last update, next target zone 9792-9775.



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